After the Earthquake: Is it Safe to Visit Nepal ?

Yes! Nepal is open and safe to Visit !

Most of the tourist and trekking infrastructure has risen and running again. Hotels and restaurants from the tourist quarter of Kathmandu called Thamel are open, likewise in Patan and Bhaktapur, Pokhara, Lumbini and Chitwan. The latter are not even afflicted with the earthquake in April 2015.

5 Points that shows Nepal is Safe to visit and all travel and trekking infrastructure are running smoothly.

1: 90% hotels are safe we will take you to the best place so you are safe.

2: Hospitals and clinics are safe and in operations.

3: Among total 35 trekking routes only 2 trekking routes of them are affected (Manaslu –Gorkha and Langtang-Rasuwa) other 33 trekking routes are safe to trek and stay.

4: As there are 8 UNESCO world heritage sites listed from Nepal 3 sites of them are 40% affected and other 5 sites are safe to visit and stay.

5: As Nepal has 10 National Park only one (Langtang National Park) is affected other 9 National Park are safe to visit and stay.

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